O2 Contact Number – 0843 538 9272

O2 Customer Service Contact phone Number 0843 538 9272O2 Mobile Customer Service Phone Number 0843 538 9272.

Introduction to O2

O2 is a company that offers a wide range of financial services to citizens across its homeland of the United Kingdom. Since 2011, the company has slowly grown in size and in what it can offer its customers. It shows no signs of slowing down either, meaning it will continue to be a British institution for years to come. That being the case, if you’d like to learn more or just need an O2 number to call, keep reading.

Origins and O2 Contact Number

Despite formally beginning in 2011, O2’s history goes back four years earlier. It was then they started running tests on their NFC technology by using 500 people for their initial trial. Using a specific handset made by Nokia, these participants would make payments with selected retailers or use transactions fueled by Barclays to ride the London Underground.

Since this time, O2 has been in constant talks with other companies that could help facilitate this technology further. For example, they have looked to Tesco, W.H. Smith and other large retailers for the deployment of their electronic devices at the points of sale within their stores. They’ve also spoken to companies known for manufacturing handsets like Samsung and Apple. With these companies on board, O2 devices could be used with all kind of popular mobile devices.

If you’d like to get a hold of the company, the toll free O2 contact number is:

0843 538 9272

Development and an O2 Contact Number for Overseas

After this initial success, O2 was primed for 2010. They began their year at the Mobile World Congress hosted in Barcelona. Amongst companies like Samsung, Visa, GSMA and La Caixa, participating companies provided 400 headsets that were NFC enabled. Guests were then encouraged to make use of them at Congress. For example, an NFC-enabled Samsung S5230 came with an O2 SIM card and 55 pounds. This device, using a Visa mobile payment application from La Caixa, could then be used for purchasing food at 30 different location found amongst the congress.

This marked the first time a Near Field Communication device using a SIM card based setup was ever demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress.

It was so successful that within three months, Telefonica Europe started their own controlled trials with NFC service in the city of Pizen (in the Czech Republic). For their trial, the company distributed Nokia 6212 Classic phones that were NFC enabled. These phones came loaded with tickets that could be used for transportation and other service cards for the city. This was the first time Telefonica Europe ever offered NFC services like this on a commercial basis.

If you’re calling from overseas, they can be reached at the following O2 contact number:

+44 843 538 9272

That O2 contact number can be used 24/7 as well.

Further Developments

O2 has not stopped there. In 2009, they and NatWest began a partnership together. Previously, O2 had worked with Barclays to work on NFC payment applications with mobile devices. However, a partnership with NatWest, 02 announced, would not stop them from partnering with other banks later on.

The result of this new partnership, O2 money, received more than 100,000 applications within the first seven weeks it was available. This made it the most successful United Kingdom financial card launch to date. The card was provided for free, but only to O2 customers.

After reading the above, hopefully you have a better understanding of the company and the O2 customer service contact number options you needed.

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