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Lloyds Bank Phone Number 0843 538 9262Lloyds Bank Customer Service Telephone Number 0843 538 9262.

Introduction to Lloyds Bank

British retail bank, Lloyds Bank has been an institution since it was founded back in 1765 in Birmingham. It really took off during the 19th century, though, and well into the 20th as well. That’s when it began swallowing up smaller banks. In 1995, it became Lloyds TSB Bank plc after merging with Trustee Savings Bank and going public. Below we will discuss the company’s history further as well as different Lloyds customer service contact number options.

History and Lloyds Contact Number

Despite its massive success and the influence it holds today, Lloyds Bank had quite humble beginnings. The founders were actually a button maker named John Taylor and a man named Sampson Lloyd II who produced and dealt iron. Together, they set up their own private bank in Dale End, Birmingham. Originally, the gentlemen chose the beehive as their company’s symbol because, to them, it represented the possibilities of hard work.

The company thrived for nearly 100 years before their first branch office opened in 1864 in Oldbury, just about six miles away. By 1884, their symbol changed to the black horse. That’s because Lloyds Bank took over Barnett, Hoares & Co., another, smaller bank.

In 1852, the connection the bank had with the Taylor family ended and by 1865, the bank converted into a company with joint-stocks to offer.

If you want to get a hold of the company, you can reach them at the following Lloyds Bank contact number:

0843 538 9262

Modern Expansion and Another Lloyds Contact Number

During the 20th century, Lloyds Bank grew by leaps and bounds essentially by taking over smaller banks. Cunliffe Brooks was added to their family of businesses in 1900 and Dorset Bank, another sizable acquisition, became theirs in 1914. However, in 1918, they took over their largest bank, Capital and Counties Bank. After that, Lloyds was one of the top four banks in the entire United Kingdom.

Of course, they didn’t stop there. By 1923, the bank had over 50 takeovers to their name. Interestingly, one of these was Fox, Fowler and Company, the last bank to offer customers its own unique bank notes.

Their first sign of trouble didn’t happen until 1968. It was then that they attempted to merge with Martins Bank and Barclays, but failed. This was because of a ruling by the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. Nonetheless, a year later, they acquired Martins.

In 1972, Lloyds Bank helped found the Joint Credit Card Company with three other large banks. Eventually, this company would launch Access credit card or, as we know it today, MasterCard. Lloyds was also the bank behind Cashpoint, the beginning of online credit card swiping using a magnetic strip. Today, people in the UK often refer to ATMs by this term.

Another handy Lloyds contact number is:

0843 538 9262

The nice thing about that particular Lloyds contact number is that you can submit general inquiries 24/7.

Lloyds Today

Today, Lloyds continues to be a banking powerhouse in the UK. It purchased the Life Assurance Society and Scottish Widows Fund in 1999 and made a play for Abbey National in 2001. That attempt was blocked by the competition commission, however. They became the first official partner of the London Summer Olympics in 2012.

Now that you’ve read the above information, hopefully you know more about the company and have a couple Lloyds number options you can call.

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