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British Gas HomeCare Contact Phone Number 0843 538 9268British Gas HomeCare Customer Service Phone Number 0843 538 9268.

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British Gas HomeCare is a United Kingdom provider of home services and energy. It trades under the name British Gas Services Limited or British Gas New Heating Limited. Both names are registered to the same company and both are part of Centrica. As one of the Big Six, British Gas HomeCare is the single largest supplier of energy in the entire Unite Kingdom. Below is more information about the company and the British Gas Home Care contact number.

Early Days and British Gas HomeCare Contact Number

The company can trace its history back to 1812, where it began as The Gas Light and Coke Company. In this way, British Gas Home Care can say it was once the first utility company on the planet. Its founder was a man named Frederick Albert Windsor. Shortly after the company was launched, it was incorporated under the seal of King George III on April 30, 1812.

For 136 years, The Gas Light and Coke Company thrived. Although much about it remained unchanged from its incorporation, the company also expanded its domestic services and even absorbed many smaller companies that had sprung up during this time. Notable examples include Aldgate Gas Light and Coke Company, the Equitable Gas Light Company, the City of London Gas Light and Coke Company and Victoria Docks Gas Company. In all, The Gas Light and Coke Company swallowed up over a dozen different competitors during this time period.

After the Gas Act of 1948 was passed by the Labor Government, the company would go on to become a major part of the recently formed North Thames Gas Board, one of twelve such boards in Britain.

During this time, “town gas” was mostly run and distributed through markets controlled by county councils throughout the UK. Originally, it was actually coal gas that was being pumped into homes all over the country. However, this began to change starting in the late 60s, when the country started switching over to natural gas.

Then Clement Attlee’s Gas Act of 1948 changed everything by nationalizing the gas industry. Well over a thousand gas companies were merged into just 12. This would be reversed about 40 years later when Margaret Thatcher passed her own gas act and return the industry to privatization. This led to the formation of British Gas Home Care.

If you need to get a hold of them, the British Gas HomeCare contact number is:

0843 538 9268

Modern Times and the Emergency British Gas HomeCare Phone Number

It was about 11 years later when British Gas plc transformed into the BG Group and got into the sale and trading of gas. It wasn’t long before the company was eventually acquired by Centrica.

If it’s an emergency you can also call the following British Gas HomeCare customer service contact number:

0843 538 9268

That particular British Gas HomeCare number is helpful should you be having any issue with your home’s gas.

The Company and Athletics

Aside from providing much of the UK with the gas services it needs, British Gas HomeCare is also heavily involved with sponsoring local teams. Currently they have a six year deal doing so for the British swimming team. Due to end in 2015, it’s also expected to gain the team some 15 million pounds. Between 2006 and 2009, the company also sponsored England’s Southern Football League.

Hopefully, the above has helped you better appreciate the company and, with the British Gas Home Care contact number, you can speak to them if need be.

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