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Halifax Contact Phone Number 0843 538 9263Halifax Customer Service & Telephone Banking Phone Number 0843 538 9263.

Introduction to Halifax Bank

Halifax is a banking chain found in the United Kingdom (formally known as Halifax Building Society). The company is part of Bank of Scotland which is itself a subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group. It has the distinction of being the largest provider in all of the UK of savings accounts and residential mortgages. Despite its large size and prowess, Halifax gets its name from city in West Yorkshire. That’s where it began in 1853 as a building society. Keep reading to explore more about the company and a couple of options for a Halifax customer service contact number.

Origins and the Halifax Contact Number

60 years after it was founded as a building society, it was the biggest of its kind in all of the UK. It didn’t lose this mantle—and, in fact, continued to grow—until 1997 when Halifax was de-mutualised.

However, its early origins were quite humble. The Halifax Permanent Benefit Building and Investment Society was created in 1853. It began as part of an idea that took form over The Old Cock Inn near what would become the original building for the Building Society.

Like all building societies of that time, its purpose was to help the town’s working people benefit from the deposits made from those with surplus capital. Working people could get loans to help build their homes; investors would get interest.

If you’d like the Halifax Bank contact number, it’s:

0843 538 9263

The 20th Century and a Halifax Contact Number for General Help

Unlike so many other banks, Halifax grew slow and steady simply by opening more and more branches, instead of acquiring more and more banks. Nonetheless, by 1913, Halifax was the largest building society in the United Kingdom. It finally opened its first London branch in 1924. Four years later it did the same in Scotland.

Then, in 1928, the company merged with another bank, Halifax Equitable Building Society. This merger represented a company worth 47 million in pounds which, at the time, made it five times bigger than its nearest competitor.

Despite offices everywhere, the building society made its headquarters on Trinity Road in Halifax. It was finished in 1973 and featured a unique diamond shape that became synonymous with the company in marketing materials distributed in the 80s and 90s. Another distinctive feature is its specialty deedstore that will safeguard anyone’s deeds for only 10 pounds. Should a fire break out, the store is programmed to fill with foam so nothing happens. By the end of the 20th century, Halifax Bank was still the largest in the industry.

Another good Halifax number, for more general help, is:

0843 538 9263

Though the previous Halifax contact number can be used as well, you’ll just need to be rerouted depending on your request.

Modern Times

At the point it was de-mutualised, the company was changed to just Halifax plc. It was a public limited company and a constituent found on the FTSE 100 Index. By 2001, it merged with a subsidiary of the Bank of Scotland called The Governor and Company. The resulting merger was known as HBOS. The Bank of Scotland would end up taking this group over in 2006, after the HBOS Group Reorganization Act of 2006 transferred the assets and liabilities that belonged to Halifax, legally, to the bank. This made the resulting company, Lloyds Banking Group.

After reading the above, hopefully you have a better understanding of the bank and the Halifax Bank contact number options should you need any help.

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