Barclays Contact Number – 0843 538 9271

Barclays Bank Contact Phone Number 0843 538 9271Barclays Bank Customer Service & Telephone Banking Number 0843 538 9271.

Finding an Barclays Bank Contact Number

When you think of banking in Britain, chances are you immediately think of Barclays. This is for good reason. People all over the world would have the same reaction, even if you didn’t mention the country of origin. As one of the biggest multinational banks in the world, the Barclays name is well known just about everywhere. Keep reading for Barclays contact number as well as more information about the famous company.

Overview and Barclays Contact Number

Aside from banking, Barclays also provides a number of different financial services from its headquarters in London. As a universal bank, Barclays holds positions in wholesale, retail and investment banking. Plus, their financial services entail mortgage lending, credit cards and wealth management. Barclays has a presence in over 50 countries around the world, bringing in some 2.5 trillion pounds from close to 50 million customers.

If you need to get a hold of “The Big Bank”, the following is Barclays contact number.

0843 538 9271

Or, if you’re outside the UK, call the following Barclays contact number:

+44 843 538 9271

History and Barclays Phone Number for Branches

Along with its size and wealth, few banks can compete with Barclays’ history. It goes back to 1690, when Thomas Gould and John Freame started out as goldsmith bankers trading from Lombard Street in London. When Freame’s son in law, James Barclay, became part of the business in 1736, the name Barclay first became associated with the business. By then, Barclays had also picked up a logo that would be synonymous with the company for years to come. By moving to 54 Lombard Street, they were associated with the sign of a black spread eagle.

When the turn of the century rolled around, Barclays had grown considerably in size. Another man had married into the family and a couple other banks were acquired. In 1896, the company was officially called Barclays and Co. and acted as a joint-stock operation.

Like many banks of the time, Barclays would continue their growth by amassing more and more smaller banks under it. From 1905 to 1916, it did this multiple times. By 1919, it added much larger companies to its acquisitions, most notably the British Linen Bank. In 1924, Barclays was within three days of taking over National Bank of Kingston as well. Nonetheless, in 1938, the company took over the First Indian Exchange Bank thanks to help from the Central Bank of India.

If you know the individual branch you wish to contact, call:

0843 538 9271

Moving to America and Barclays Number There

In 1965, Barclays did what few other British banks have been able to accomplish when it successfully opened a branch in America. Its US affiliate was opened in San Francisco and called Barclays Bank of California. The next year, improving on this success, the bank launched its first ever credit card, known as Barclaycard. That same year, it also introduced the world to cash machines.

If you need to contact the company in America, Barclays customer service contact number there is +44 843 538 9271.

21st Century

Barclays started off the new millennium on a rough note by closing down over 170 branches in the UK. However, it quickly rebounded by purchasing Jupiter Bank, an American credit card company. They rebranded it Barclays Bank Delaware. A year after that, the bank further improved its profile with the public by assuming the role of sponsor for the Premier League.

Hopefully, the above has helped you better appreciate the large bank and Barclays contact number is sufficient should you need to contact them for any reason.

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